AGMATINE SULFATE Magnus Supplements

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AGMATINE SULFATE Magnus Supplements

This is the ultimate stimulant-free, pump-enhancing pre-workout supplement that pumps you up during and after your workout. With the help of this pump booster your muscles will look fuller and swollen all day long after walking out of the gym.

The supplement contains Agmatine Sulfate, a by-product of the amino acid L-Arginine. This substance helps so increase nitric oxide production in your body what leads to an enhanced blood flow and more nutrients and oxygen can be delivered to the muscles during your workout. Even after exercising you will benefit from the significant increased vascularity, a massive muscle pump and more and fuller muscles. Moreover Agmatine is known for reducing hypersensitivity to pain and it may improve weight loss as well as preventing weight gain.

Magnus Supplements Agmatine Sulfate also helps to:

  • improve post-workout recovery
  • stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone and thus increases the level of testosterone
  • promote muscle growth
  • increase your performance
  • improve your body composition

Agmatine Sulfate can be taken on a daily base. Only 2 capsules a day already help to achieve your goals: a lean and fat free body with pumped muscles for a razor sharp, professional look. The supplement is safe and highly effective and can be combined with other favorite pre-workout supplements.